Sunday, July 20, 2014

Show and Tell after July Meeting

 Ming with a quilt she made for her sister, whom she will
 be visiting later in the year

Sandra Kay with a colourful Beanie - inspired by the BeanieFest in Alice Springs, 
and a Christmas Block she has finished

Fiona finished a roll to hold all her knitting needles

 an old quilt which was handed on to Merlyn through her mother, and grandmother, hand embroidered on silk with silk by a man in the 17th century

 Helen with a pink, cream and burgundy quilt, made from a pack

 Helen with a Roses Quilt

 first quilt made by Ming, showing all the Chinese Horoscope designs

Betty with her Leaf (Quilt As You Go Quilt), finally finished.  Sorry about the picture Betty!

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  1. Merlyn's old hand-me-down is very impressive!, what a treasure. Ming's first quilt is alos impressive.