Monday, June 23, 2014

It's Been A While......

Handover of the Charity Quilts 2014

Had a visit from Teresa from W&CH Foundation last week, to pick up 41 charity quilts.  She told us a little bit about the recipients, which had some of us in tears.  Makes you think how lucky you are sometimes!

 This quilt above was decided too lovely to be a charity quilt, so Teresa was going to raffle it, and 
would let us know how much it raised.

Ready to be packed into the car. Teresa said that people were waiting in her office after
 trips to Woodpatch, so they could see the quilts as soon as they arrived.

These tiny quilts are to be put on the humidicribs.  They get the mothers to rub it against themselves, so it gets their scent or perfume.  When the nurses feed them, they put this next to themselves, so it smells like 'mum'.


Sandy and Teresa at the handover.

Show and Tell after meeting on  18th June, 2014.

 Sonia and her Patches and Prairie Points Quilt

Fiona made this Heart Quilt for a friend in Scotland

Fiona knitted this Charity Quilt

Faye has been busy with the Nickel Quilt, and finished a Bedford Mystery Quilt
 Hunter's Star Quilt by Faye
 Blue Patch Quilt by Faye
Bedford Mystery I Spy quilt by Di

 A Sewing Mat Di made at the Mannum Retreat

 Pat made a colourful Rag Rug
 Joan has finally pieced together her Crazy Mile-A-Minute quilt

 Lyn has finished off her placemats

Tricia has finished off and put the binding on a quilt for a customer

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