Monday, July 22, 2013

Final Countdown

Well, our Exhibition is only weeks away now, so I hope you have all been busy.  At the last count, we have 86 quilts to display, so have another look around your home and see if you can show one more.

At our last meeting I took some more Show and Tell photos, and here they are, enjoy!

 This is Patricia Little's 1600 that grew and grew.  Beautiful colours!

Nancy and her Green and Pink quilt, with Peony Roses, lovely work Nancy.

Fiona with some of her Challenge Blocks from last Exhibition, finished.

Rosemary and her Bedford Mystery Quilt, finished at last!

 Joan and some of her bags, great job!

Tricia made this quilt for a raffle at the Soccer Club, scored a goal with that one Tricia!

 Judy Russell had a break from quilting, and wool embroidered this blanket.  Stunning!

Judy Collins showed her Layer Cake/Jelly Roll quilt, well done Judy!

Faye showed off her stunning hand pieced and hand quilted Tabatha's Friendship Star.

Kerry is finishing off a quilt made from a friend's ties, also stunning!

Lindy's granddaughter Charlotte made this wall hanging/quilt, her first, but not her last!!

 Barbara has been crochetting over the cooler months, and has made several.  Where is my green one???

Roxanne made this strip quilt, and used the leftovers to make the back, below.  Great idea!!

Sandra-Kay made this quit below in pinks, greens and lemons, beautiful!

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Our Burra Quilting Visitors

Today we had the delightful pleasure to host a luncheon for our visiting quilting ladies from Burra, and surrounding areas. They arrived around 11.30 this morning, and after a Show and Tell,  we sat down and enjoyed a wonderful spread. It was nice to sit and catch up with fellow quilters.  They are on a Mystery Tour, and Woodpatch is one of several places they will be calling in to over the next couple of days.

I was lucky enough to know two of the ladies  - Susan and Deb - from a quilting forum I belong to on line, and we had fun catching up on the latest gossip!

I think I speak for all there today; we had a great time, and would love to have them back again!

Roseanne and Sandy

 This is Lorraine's Dresden Plate Friendship quilt

Denise and her Card Trick Friendship Quilt

Joan made this for her eldest daughter, sending blocks to Victoria to be completed by family members

Kay and her crazy patchwork Friendship Quilt

Sharon and her( Bonney Hunter) Nine Patch Friendship Quilt

Pam with her (Bonney Hunter) Nine Patch Friendship Quilt with a green background

Joy made her Friendship quilt from antique silk Kimono's and did the Sashiko Stitching 

Judy and her brightly coloured Dresden Plate Friendship Quilt

 Marion has her Hexagon Flower Friendship quilt to complete, all by hand

 Deb and her Country themed Friendship Quilt

 Susan and her"Pebbled Pathways to Friends" Friendship Quilt

Trish has made a pair of wall hangings with her Friendship Blocks

Gloria gave everyone a blank piece of fabric, and asked for a basket to be put on it. 

 And she used flour bags, shopping bags etc, for the back.

Daphne asked for NoseGay blocks for her Friendship Quilt, in lovely apricots.

 And the showed off their  pillowcases for the Oncology kids, a simple to make pillowcase.

Our lovely lunch!

 More of the lunch!

 Myself with Deb and Susan

Getting ready for the workshop

 Our great venue

more of the group