Monday, July 22, 2013

Final Countdown

Well, our Exhibition is only weeks away now, so I hope you have all been busy.  At the last count, we have 86 quilts to display, so have another look around your home and see if you can show one more.

At our last meeting I took some more Show and Tell photos, and here they are, enjoy!

 This is Patricia Little's 1600 that grew and grew.  Beautiful colours!

Nancy and her Green and Pink quilt, with Peony Roses, lovely work Nancy.

Fiona with some of her Challenge Blocks from last Exhibition, finished.

Rosemary and her Bedford Mystery Quilt, finished at last!

 Joan and some of her bags, great job!

Tricia made this quilt for a raffle at the Soccer Club, scored a goal with that one Tricia!

 Judy Russell had a break from quilting, and wool embroidered this blanket.  Stunning!

Judy Collins showed her Layer Cake/Jelly Roll quilt, well done Judy!

Faye showed off her stunning hand pieced and hand quilted Tabatha's Friendship Star.

Kerry is finishing off a quilt made from a friend's ties, also stunning!

Lindy's granddaughter Charlotte made this wall hanging/quilt, her first, but not her last!!

 Barbara has been crochetting over the cooler months, and has made several.  Where is my green one???

Roxanne made this strip quilt, and used the leftovers to make the back, below.  Great idea!!

Sandra-Kay made this quit below in pinks, greens and lemons, beautiful!

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  1. Faye needs to grow a bit to hold up her quilt ... what a beauty!