Saturday, April 21, 2018

April Meeting 18th 2018

Show and Tell Barbara as Vice President, Di Secretary

 Woodpatch logo quilt

 Raffle quilt top, materials and orphan blocks donated

Merlin hungry caterpillar quilt

Merlin “Spinners” birthday Quilt from Judy Butcher’s book

Sonia drunken path quilt, quilted by Trish

 and backpack/shoulder bag and handbag in one

Puffy quilt for charity by Trish

 Margaret quilt for grandson

 Judy with her shirt

Rosina Brown and Blue grandson’s
quilt quilted by Trish

Faith heart charity quilt

 Chrissy little baskets (12) bottle containers (12) plus 2 bags

Joan Quilt “Rob peter to pay paul”

 Barbara caring heart quilt

Barb quilting of Jan’s charity quilt

  Barb nine patch quilt

Di Jelly roll quilt