Thursday, April 5, 2012

Sandy getting started
Getting down to business
Now that we are finally settled into our new premises, we are getting back to order. Last week Faye and Jan ran a sack bag workshop, which was attended by several of our group. The rest just did the usual chat and do.
Do I look busy???

Look like they are working hard, don't they???
You want to put what, where??

This week we invited Pastor Steve Liersch from the Woodside Lutheran Church to visit us at our new premises.  We had spend several months last year at the Church, using their wonderful facilities while we were waiting to move back into Inverbrackie Army Barracks.

So, as a thank you, some of the ladies in our group decided to make a Biblical Quilt for the Church.  When Pastor Steve arrived; he had no idea this was going to happen; and was really surprised and pleased with the gift.  Each if the blocks depict something from the Bible, and with Easter this weekend, we wanted to hand it over to the church before then.

Label for the Quilt

Pastor Steve Liersch receiving the Quilt

Jan and Faye, holding the quilt

Tricia, Jan and Faye, with Pastor Steve