Monday, August 5, 2013

2013 Woodpatch Quilting Exhibition

After a wet and wild exhibition weekend, I can finally put some photos up on the blog.  It was cold, cold, cold, and so numbers were down a bit.  But we had a great turnout of quilts, and saw some fantastic work. 

As usual, Ming took out Viewer's Choice for the Best Quilt, and Roxanne Murphy won the best Challenge Block.  Well done to both of you!!

Beautiful Cootamundra wattle in the Hills

 Setting up the frames on Friday, well done Fellas!

Setting up the Trading Table - we had so much, 
we used 5 tables

Sorting out the Quilt sizes

Small, medium, large

Barbara told me it was a boy doll.....

It really is a boy!!

The Festival Of Quilts Car outside our Hall.

Stunning work, using orphan blocks!

The Challenge Blocks winner is  second row, 
on the right, done by Roxanne Murphy. 
Great effort!

All the quilts on display

Trading Table

Amazing quilts

Ming with her award winning quilt
"Its the Singer, Not the Song"
quilted on an old 1957 Singer 201P

Some of the quilts on display

More quilts 

Lots of variety

Sue Royal's amazing tapestry

And here is a wall of Charity Quilts that we made from 2011 to 2013.  These were donated to SAPOL DVU, and to Women's and Children's Hospital Foundation