Thursday, April 28, 2016

April Meeting Show and Tell

 While up in Queensland, this beautiful butterfly landed in our daughters pool.  Must have been attacked by a bird, as it was missing half its wings.  So pretty.
 Charity quilt, made by Joan

 Framed cross stitch, made by Ronda

Charity Quilt, made by Ronda

 Caring Hearts quilt, made by Barbara

Quilt finished off by Roseanne, for a friend

Jan's William Morris quilt, finished.  All hand stitched and quilted - outstanding work

Rosina with her Koala and Owl quilt

Nina and her Disappearing Nine Patch quilt
Nina and her beautiful embroidered and padded box, beautiful work!
Nina and her carry bag. Busy lady!!
Tricia and a Charity quilt
 Sue and her Diamond Bag, lovely colours

This is Sonia's Library quilt, so that people can see what to do for Tricia's Friendship quilt

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