Friday, December 12, 2014

2014 Christmas Break Up

Well, that time has come where we have to put aside our craft for a couple of weeks, and concentrate on Christmas - said No One Ever!!! - but we had a nice day to finish off the year with lovely food, and great company.  

Merry Christmas to all!

Betty checking out the food,  not ready yet!

People getting ready for lunch.

Tables set for Christmas lunch

busy gas-bagging!

Getting ready for Kris Kringle

Which one is mine???

We all made a heart block for Irish Patricia, who is going back to live in Ireland.

Feel the hugs!!

And an Aussie themed quilt made for Fiona, returning to Scotland after many years
 in Australia.  Still has not lost her accent though!!

Enjoy it Fiona!

I then decided to take a 2014 Christmas group photo, and it was like herding cats as you 
can see by the following photos.....

Patricia, who would not join in the photo shoot, still got your picture though.

Not ready!!

Nearly done.

Does my hair look ok???

Say cheese!!

All done, now lets eat!!

Yummy spread, well done ladies.

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