Sunday, October 21, 2012

October Meeting

We had a lovely visit from Teresa from the Women's and Children's Hospital Foundation. Teresa had come to collect the 50 odd charity quilts we had made over the past 18 months to be handed out to children of all ages, suffering all sorts of problems.  She told us that the children are allowed to keep their quilts with them at all times, as the other children don't touch them, so therefore don't pass on infections.

What a nice looking bunch!
 Teresa and Sandy
Sue's Tapestry
 Sandy's Crow Blankie
Lyn's Touchie Feelie Quilt
Judy's Fairy Quilt
Tricia's Wall Hanging
Rosemary's quilt top
Joy's Teddy

Joy's Christmas Skirt, and some felt ornaments 
Pat's Hexi Quilt, finally finished!

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